Rotweiler Dogs

About Us

We are a non-profitable website dedicated entirely on informing about Rottweiler dogs. Among our website you will be able to find useful information as well contact advice for other recognized organizations that share our love and enthusiasm for this particular breed. Such as Rescue and Foster Homes.

Also, we provide helpful tips on Grooming your dog, health care info, breeding considerations, Nutrition facts and Important Adoption details that everybody should read before deciding on adopting a Rottweiler, as well as little known facts about Rottweilers.

It is our mission to help create a new, positive and responsible view of the truth about Rottweiler dogs. Our goal is to change any misconception towards these noble animals since media portrayals in general tend to give them a bad reputation as they are often shown in a negative light, when in reality these animals are friendly, loyal and playful.