Rotweiler Dogs

Surrendered Rottweilers

No one wants it to happen, but there are instances when a treasured family pet must be given up. Rottweilers are a dog that often finds itself surrendered to local shelters, and local shelters are almost always overloaded and stressed for resources. Unfortunately this leaves most shelters as what could be considered high-kill shelters. Owner surrender of dogs is a difficult thing to do, but can in some cases be in the best interest of both the dog and owner.

There are other ways than your local shelter to surrender a dog. Rottweiler Rescue organizations will often consider a surrendered animal, as they do not want to see animals placed in shelters were they all too often cannot be found homes. Rescue facilities take the animals and then turn around and place them into foster care until the Rottweiler adoption can take place. This way they are not being kept in a shelter that is already stressed for space and funds. Shelters are often government funded and don’t have the resources needed to care for all the animals that need new homes.

There are many people out there looking for a Rottweiler to adopt so when you make the choice to surrender your pet to a rescue facility instead of a shelter you are helping to ensure your dog will find a good home. Rescues generally offer stricter guidelines for adoption than the local shelters, some even want to interview the potential owners, and others go as far as to ask to see your home, and contact your landlord. Rescues do not want the dogs they adopt to end up in a shelter, or posted online. So, if there is a reason you simply cannot keep your beloved Rottweiler then surrendering her or him to a rescue organization is a viable option, and will help keep pressure off of local shelters.