Rotweiler Dogs

Rottweilers’ Adoption Considerations

The Rottweiler breed originated in the carnival-esque Rottweil, Germany. These outstandingly intelligent dogs were used to herd animals. They were known as ‘working dogs’ who’d implement order and command movement among farm animals. Rottweilers went mainstream around the 1850s. Now, they’re commonly used for rescue, impaired-human guiding and police tasks.

Rottweiler rescue has increased due to the popularity of the breed. In fact, Rottweilers are extremely obedient and kind. Their adaptability allows them to accustom to most of environments. Nonetheless, rottweilers require a lot of training. At,, while we inform everyone about rottweilers’ adoption, we feel the need to express which considerations need to be well-thought before making the decision of incurring in the noble process of rottie rescue.

In the news, rottweilers have been vilified. Indeed, if they’re not properly trained, these dogs can incur in fatal accidents. Reports on dog-bites rank rottweilers among the top 3 breeds. They do tend to be more aggressive towards strangers (please keep that in mind next time you plan to rescue rottweilers from the street!).

Before adopting a rottweiler, take the time to check your municipality’s laws as these animals are banned from a lot of places. They are thought to be very dangerous to humans. In part, the responsible for this perception is the media. Rottweilers’ adoption should be thoroughly analyzed prior to the actual rottie rescue… If you adopt the animal and later turn it back or give it away, you can traumatize it and increment in him a variety of undesired behaviors.

As well, it is advisable to check with your inmates and family members their perceptions about this breed. Rottweiler adoptions are sometimes truncated given the negative portrayals the media has assigned to these black-furred pets. It may pop in your mind the image of the black dog that would appear any time a fatal incident was about to take place in ‘The Omen’ movie.

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