Rotweiler Dogs

The Rottweiler in the Media

The Rottweiler is certainly an old breed which, as many other breeds, was firstly regarded as not only the companion of his owners but also as a good guardian and a working dog. Nowadays, just very few Rottweilers are still used in herding and most of these dogs are given a job in search and rescue activities, as guardians or as guides for blind people. Many Surrendered Rottweilers are however in shelters and the likelihood for them to be given a home once in a shelter is quite small. Some say that the Rottweiler rescue is little successful because of the size of the dog and also because most people think Rottweilers are aggressive dogs. Here is more about the Rottweiler and more importantly here people can read more about why they got to think that the Rottweiler is a bad dog, as portrayed in the media.

The Rottweiler in the media is portrayed in two main ways. This dog is seen either as a good dog, or as a bad one. On one side, the Rottweiler has been featured in many fictional films and TV series as an evil dog which are thought to have played an important role in their negative publicity. The idea that the Rottweiler is a bad dog has lead to the banning of this breed in some municipalities while in some countries they are considered by law dangerous dogs. But the Rottweiler in the media is sometimes portrayed in positive ways. The well acclaimed movie, Lethal Weapon 3, presents the more sensitive side of the Rottweiler who had been making friends with the main character played by Mel Gibson. Moreover, the dog had been adopted by Gibson in real life. Similar stories also made it on screen and in comic books as well as books.