Rotweiler Dogs

Rottweiler Feeding Tips

During the growth of a Rottweiler puppy, it requires a special attention in terms of balancing diet. By the 4th week puppies receive only breast milk. After this age, puppies must get special food up to a week to get used to 7-a/8-a diet based on solid food, dry or wet and chicken from 8-9 weeks.

Nutritional needs of a growing dog are very different from those of an adult and they must be adapted to the rapid growth and skeletal muscle. In very young Rottweiler puppies there should be avoided food that the digestive system is not yet formed and must provide food with high digestibility. Bones may be included in food safety only after 6-7 months. Daily ration should be offered at fixed times such as up to 6-7 months in critical growth phase, 3-4 servings, depending on volume growth of developing dog, from 6-7 to 9 months, 3 ounces, eating according to energy needs months from age 9 months, 2 servings after 15 months you can go dog diet of an adult.

You must consult the veterinarian for the perfect diet on your Rottweiler puppy. The necessity of vitamins and minerals are higher on a puppy than an adult Rottweiler dog and within a few months of baby food and needs changes many times such as the volume ratio of food and vitamins and minerals, protein, fat, fiber. Calcium plus phosphorus in optimal amounts is absolutely necessary for skeletal development but too much can cause harmful imbalances and physical development. Another balance that is very important for the right development and to feed the puppy appropriately is the balance between calcium phosphorus and vitamin D.

The transition from one type of food to another should be done carefully, gradually and progressively including early puppy food dry food usual ingredients.

Premium dry food may be more appropriate in this case, especially for a big race. Premium food is balanced and carefully worded and if you think you can give canned carefully balanced food according to the needs of the growing puppy is better to opt for safer solutions.