Rotweiler Dogs

Purchasing a Pedigree Rottweiler

The purchase of any dog breed involves great responsibility. In Rottweiler dogs, you have to be aware of the fact that the dog will become big and strong. Before you enter the ‘game’, it is necessary to balance the pros and cons of putting your action and, above all, to answer the question ‘is really the Rottweiler dog that best suits me?’.

The Rottweiler breed is a descendant from ancestors who were herding, guard and defense dogs. Living with people, he reached a high degree of intelligence, acquiring also a friendly temperament, which helped increase its popularity. Rottweiler character and behavior allow it to adapt to any situation of family life. The Rottweiler is a strong dog that can perform almost any task and he will not disappoint his master. Given the size of the dog, which involves increased nutritional awareness, the requirements for owning this breed are necessary space expanded, and a suitable material situation.

Socialization and education are of paramount importance in a Rottweiler. It is endowed with a strong instinct for security and defense, to be oriented and to reflect a quality, not a burden. Once he becomes a member of the family, the Rottweiler dog proves devotion and loyalty and can be a good friend of children and domestic animals, but it is an illusion to believe that this can be done without education, discipline and a proper training. However, who wants to make these important steps will be the happy owner of a very wonderful dog.

Once you have decided to buy a Rottweiler you must be focused and on its sex. If you already have a male or female, is good to get a pair. If, however, is the first dog, a female would be more appropriate because, almost always, the male has a strong temperament and is harder to control. One thing is certain: if it is properly trained and socialized, Rottweiler dogs will be, regardless of sex a friendly member of the family.