Rotweiler Dogs

Health of the Rottweiler

Rottweiler rescue is one of the things that people should think more and more about. Rottweilers are quite large dogs and this usually makes people not consider adopting them but the few people who do give Rottweilers a home can testify that Rottweiler adoption can be one of the best things they ever do. Rottweilers have been used in herding but they are nowadays more commonly employed in activities such as guarding, search and rescue or they are used as guides for blind people. There is no doubt that this breed can make a difference for the lives of individuals, but they only must be given this chance. Here one can learn more about the Rottweiler health and what to expect after proceeding with the Rottweiler adoption.

Specialists argue that the Rottweiler is a rather healthy dog with little health risks. However, age and other factors can contribute to the development of certain health issues, which are common in dogs of their size and which are not genetic. For instance, a health problem of the Rottweiler can be hip dysplasia, a condition that is likely because of the size of the dog. Hip dysplasia in the modern Rottweiler, especially if acquired from a specialized breeder is however of little concern because these dogs are bred by respecting strict x-rays rules when it comes to the development of their bones. The rapid growth rate of the Rottweiler may also cause a condition known as Osteochondritis Dissecans which affects the shoulder joints. Other Rottweiler health issues may include entropion or ectoprion, and some hereditary problems, although these occur rarely and only in some lines. The most serious condition that can occur in these dogs is by far cancer and infections with parvovirus which is responsible for the death of the dogs while they are still puppies.