Rotweiler Dogs

Frequent Rottweiler Illnesses

The most common illnesses and diseases on a Rottweiler are are hip and elbow dysplasia, stomach torsion and also problems related to calcium assimilation or some respiratory illnesses that can be treated instantly or surgically by the veterinarian. The calcium assimilation has to be diagnosed and treated as a young puppy and later on, with a very strict schedule and diet of calcium in most of the Rottweiler’s meals. It is very important that a Rottweiler dog should have a right calcium diet because of the active nature and because it is a massive, strong and mid size dog.

Hip dysplasia is responsible for the occurrence of osteoarthritis in Rottweiler dogs since young puppies. The sooner it is discovered, the faster will be treated to ensure your friend a good life and lovely long walks with his owner.

Hip dysplasia is an abnormality of the ligament connecting the femur and pelvis. If this ligament is abnormally large, the femur will not be maintained in a proper position to the pelvis. This will result in abnormal movement of the femur, which will lead to the development of osteoarthritis. When the disease is installed, the dog has a short lame, especially in the ‘cold’ when it comes to moving after more in the rest.

The disease appears to be hereditary, but inadequate diet or exercise to put the excess can be contributing factors. Sometimes, both hips are affected simultaneously. The limp usually appears at the age of 8 to 9 months, but as well, the disease can remain hidden, to show later.

The treatment almost in all cases will salvage the Rottweiler from this illness. On one hand there are anti-inflammatory pills, acting on the pain caused by arthritis and cartilage and other drugs work by strengthening their feeding. Many pills have recently been put on the market in special versions, for Rottweiler dogs suffering from arthritis on different levels. Finally, there is surgery, leaving the remodeling of the femur and hip and going to the implantation of a prosthetic hip.