Rotweiler Dogs

Canine Heartworm Disease

Canine Heartworm or Dog Heartworm is a common disease among dogs, specially in Rottweilers. This illness is caused by parasites that are transmitted to the pet through mosquito bites. If you live in a specific location where these insects abound, it is very advisable that you take several prevention measures for your rottweiler.

Canine heartworm can be a fatal ailment if you do not take precautions. This ailment is widespread throughout the United States, specially in the countryside.

A heartworm will complete its life cycle in a period ranging from six to seven months. However, it may live up to five years within the heart of the pet. The parasite sucks the nutrients from the blood weakening the body and immune system of the dog.

How can you know if your rottweiler has heartworm disease? The first symptom is coughing. If your dog is expelling huge amounts of air, you should take him to the veterinary as fast as possible.

If you are absolutely certain that your rottweiler has heartworm, the dog will need to undergo a treatment in order to eliminate the parasite. You will need to administer an organic form of arsenic. The dose will kill the worm but not the pet. Remember that the liver will eliminate the substance from the body; therefore, the dog’s organ should be extremely healthy to be able to accomplish the job properly.

If by any chance you feel that your veterinary doctor does not possess the latest information, knowledge and expertise regarding canine heartworm, it is highly recommendable that you seek other options. Specially if your area is not prone to canine heartworm disease.

We really hope that this primer has provided you with enough basic information on this topic. Please note that when you save an animal, you may not know where your rescued rottie was living before your adoption!