Rotweiler Dogs

Why Adopt?

There are many puppies and adult dogs in the world that need an owner that will not only give them a shelter but also the attention and love that every being deserves. Here one can find more information about a specific breed and about the characteristics that simply makes it easy to adopt such a dog and giving it a home. Read on and find out more about the Rottweiler, a dog that has always been there for his master and always will.

The Rottweiler is described as a medium-large size dog which got named after the place it originates from, Rottweil in Germany. Ever since they were bred they were trained on herding livestock and this, along with their secondary job which was pulling carts with butchered meat, gave them the nickname, Rottweil butchers’ dog. It is also said that the first original Rottweiler breed was also used for hunting but these sources are often challenged as Rottweilers nowadays have a somewhat low instinct for this kind of job. But why would one consider Rottweiler adoption?

Although Rottweilers were widely known and used for herding, nowadays their jobs are much more different. A Rottweiler is commonly used as a guide for blind people, as a trustworthy police assistant or in Rottweiler rescue operations. And yet, they are bound to be found quite often in shelters ad this is commonly because of their sizes. Some people get to a moment in their lives when they can no longer afford to keep their dog and then they leave it in a shelter. But there are things about the Rottweiler that should be an incentive for every individual who loves animals to take one home. Rottweilers are good-natured, they are the most devoted dogs and obedient to their master. Nevertheless they are eager to work and fearless, all of these making it a good companion.