Rotweiler Dogs

Southern States Rottweilers Rescue is offers information regarding southern states rottweilers rescue, adoption and foster homes programs. Rottweilers are medium to large size breed of domestic dogs, which were originated in the city of Rottweil, Germany. The rottweiler dog was also known as: Rottweil butcher dogs. The Rottie was known by that name because they were used to pull carts with meat from butchers and also herd livestock. Nowadays rottweilers are used as guide dogs for blind people, search and rescue and also as police dogs. These dogs are known for its natural style of gathering with its strong desire to control.
The rottweiler dog breed is known to be one of the oldest breeds of herding. Rottweilers history comes back to the Roman Empire. Some theories state that these dogs are descended from the Italian Mastiff. The dog’s breed aims at a dog with a large strength, which has black coated tan marks and its well suited for being a service, companion and service dog.

Nowadays the rott rescue term has been implemented in various parts around the world. The entities that provide rott rescue are dedicated to save the lives of these amazing dogs world wide. The rottie rescue mission is totally fulfilled thanks to the efforts and assistance of its hard working rottie rescue volunteers. There is a variety of individuals from around the globe that own or had owned a rottweiler rescue dogs in the past, but they had abandoned their dog or they are planning on doing it. They usually leave their dogs at shelters or at the side of the road. Some of the reasons why these people abandoned their dogs are the following: economic reasons, not enough space in their household, aggression, hyperactivity, veterinary costs, etc. Rottweiler rescue volunteer teams assists on the case of abandonment.

Nowadays because of the excess of rotties that are being abandoned on the streets or shelters has caused most shelters to become overcrowded with. These rescue entities are looking for Rottweilers foster homes that will help rescued rottweilers adoption to be easier. Foster home programs consist of a rottweiler adoption by an individual or a family that will provide the basic needs to this precious animal pet such as: Water, food, shelter, etc, in hope that someone will adopt the dog. There are various shelters that will help their foster homes with their medical care of the Rott. Its known that most foster homes need to take a course called Basic Dog Obedience before the rottweiler adoption and becoming the dog’s foster family. Before adopting the dog, the household is required by the shelter for home check. The main purpose of the check is to make sure that household conditions for the living of the animal are ready and properly equipped for the caring of the dog. Here, on this website you will find reliable information about rottweilers.